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 My husband and I chose Nancy as our Medicare advisor and we are so glad we did! We both needed to pick supplemental coverage and dreaded having to navigate the Medicare jungle by ourselves. Nancy walked us through the process and helped determine the best plans for each of us. She is a great listener which is a really important quality to have when trying to tailor plans to meet individual needs. We couldn't have asked for a more personable, knowledgeable advisor and will definitely be recommending her to others.  
- Catherine


 Nancy has helped both my wife and myself to enroll in our Medicare plans. She is friendly, smart, well prepared, and thoroughly professional. Her materials were complete and accurate, and above all useful. I was able to complete the enrollment process in one session.
I would not hesitate to refer Nancy to others for Medicare enrollment. In fact, I have already referred her.  

- Rob


 I met Nancy Davis at a crucial time of my life, I was trying to secure Medicare health coverage for the first time in my life. There was so much information out there that I was becoming overwhelmed and could not decide how to proceed, which carrier to choose, etc. I am so happy I met Nancy, she made everything so easy for me, and I was able to secure the best Medicare coverage. Nancy met me at my house several times, provided all the right information, etc. It was so easy since she had the knowledge and the patience to explain the process and get me signed with Medicare. I strongly recommend Nancy for Medicare or any insurance needs.  
- Percy


  I just wanted to thank you again for your help in strongly suggesting that I look at private insurance to supplement Medicare.

I have to have an MRI. I still don't know all the details, but I will only be paying just under $75 for a scan that has a full cost on it of over $6000! That's right - 3 zeros!

I was shocked at the full price - but I was actually more shocked that I was paying less than 2% of the full cost of the thing. I know that I could have found a facility that would have charged less, but full price would still have been in the thousands and that would definitely be a problem right at the moment.

Anyway, thank you!   
-  Sheila


June 4, 2019
 As I approached my 65th birthday, I noticed that I heard more and more people talk about what a hassle it was to sign up for Medicare; how confusing it was; how frustrating…………Every day, I get more junk mail for signing up for one thing or another…….
……….but the best part is knowing that all these decisions have been made and everything is in place for the big day! It gives me such peace of mind to know that, by setting aside a couple of hours, I was able to nail down all the decisions that would have kept me on the phone or chasing a website for days.
Thank you for the time you spent with me to get everything in place. I can’t even imagine anyone going through this without someone like you!  

- Jyll Jordan


 Nancy is very knowledgeable about Medicare & Addenda that best suit each of her clients' needs. She takes time to listen, explain, find the best solution & then work diligently to get your insurance coverage. Nancy turns a complicated decision process into a pleasant experience! I highly recommend her services. 
- Linda


June 12, 2019
 Last year I approached age sixty-five with a fair degree of concern because it meant beginning the perplexing task of enrolling in Medicare for health care coverage. I had been receiving large amounts of mail from different supplemental insurance companies, each providing portions of this puzzle explained in varying degrees. By happenstance, however, I had the good fortune of discovering Nancy Davis with Medicare Advisors.

Ms. Davis was extremely accommodating in that I was able to request an appointment for her to come to my home, where she provided me the knowledge necessary to make sound decisions regarding Medicare and supplemental benefits. No doubt it would have taken me considerable time and effort to sort through this wide array of complexities on my own; but Ms. Davis provided all information necessary for me to tailor a plan specific to my needs. She explained all terminology and processes in a way I understood and provided comparisons in coverage and costs. She helped me transition from having limited knowledge of an arduous task to being completely covered while feeling confident in my decisions. I would add at this point that this was at no cost whatsoever to me.

Admittedly I am a skeptic at heart, but I have since referred friends to her. Also my spouse turned sixty-five this year, and she was able to provide the same excellent service to him as well. We will both continue to refer friends and family to her in years to come, because the level of confidence she is able to instill is impeccable. Thank you, Nancy!  

- James Trippe
Craig Burnett


 Nancy is very knowledgeable and will go out of her way to provide the best service to her clients. 
- Shirley


 Nancy is a friend and is knowledgeable. She will be able to help you. 
- Dhara


 I recently retired and went on Medicare. Mrs. Davis (or Nancy) and I met and we discussed the benefits of acquiring a supplemental plan to augment Medicare's health insurance benefits. Mrs. Davis discussed the various plans and I was able to make an informed decision on which plan best suited to my needs. The entire process was quickly completed and the service professional. I have already recommended Nancy to friends who also recently retired. 
- Fred